Measuring Social Media

As with other programs and projects, social media in the workplace should be measured and evaluated for its effectiveness. The question though is how? It’s such a different animal then a print advertisement that can be tracked through various methods.

In his blogs, Chris Blake of Econsultancy takes the concept beyond just recording and reporting raw numbers.  He writes “Social media measurement is a tricky subject, not least because not everything can or should be measured, and in some ways social measurement is a bit like measuring the impact of TV ads on brand awareness: it’s a slightly softer area than, say, paid search.”

He contends that there are many things in the social media realm that can be accurately measured, “which – when seen through a wide-angled lens – can really help you make sense of what social media can do for your business.”

Blake advises a more holistic approach, one that starts with having a corporate culture that embraces and advances social media as a part of the whole organization with an integrated social media plan.

Read his blogs for more thoughts. In addition, take a look at this blog entry for more things to consider when planning your social media strategies.

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