The Future of Conventions and Meetings

Conventions book many years in advance… so what does the future hold for the meeting industry beyond the current economic slump? Fast Future Research recently surveyed 1,125 meeting planners in 76 countries.  The results?  Planners believe that in 2020, the quality of networking will be biggest factor influencing meeting attendance (76%) plus there will be more smaller, specialized meetings (79%).  Also important, events will need to offer strong price-based incentives to build attendance (77%).

Naturally technology will continue to play a growing role with live video streaming (75%), social networking (70%), and mobile event content (64%) being the most popular forms of technology used at conventions.

Meeting planners are also more attune to ethical and environmental interests of their attendees, and venues at schools, universities, and colleges will offer the most competition to convention centers.

The message? For those of us in the meeting and convention industry, we need to be attuned to the future needs of meeting planners and attendees.

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