Women a Powerful Force in Social Media

Came across a press release from the company comScore that indicates more women than men utilize social media sites.  According their study, women spend more time on social networking sites than men. They report that women spend an average of 5.5 hours per month compared to men’s four hours.

Using May 2010 data, comScores’ “Women on the Web: How Women are Shaping the Internet” reported that although women account for 48% of total unique visitors to the social networking category, they consume 57% of pages and account for nearly 57% of total minutes spent on these sites.”

In a related feature , Social Times reported on a popular Facebook site and blog, Moms Who Need Wine (MWNW). The Facebook page has more than 275,000 followers and is quite popular. In a recent poll of their followers, the results showed how women can be highly active in social media:

  • 95% of MWNW Moms say visiting Facebook is one of the first two things they do when they go online (38% say it’s the first, 55% say it’s the second)
  • 74% of MWNW Moms log on more than three times a day
  • Seven out of 10 MWNW Moms spend an hour or more each day on Facebook, with 4 in 10 spending two or more hours

Goes to show that as in travel, women are a powerful force in social media.

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