Artwork Dedicated

After months of planning, creation and installation, the Yakima Convention Center has a new piece of artwork.

Suspended in the South Lobby of the center, the piece celebrates the agricultural heritage of the Yakima Valley, interpreting the irrigation systems found in eastern Washington. The eleven  6 ft diameter open metal wheel shapes are covered in a translucent white cloth, suspended from the ceiling at varying heights and distances from one another. The sculptures create a rolling effect in their alignment, engaging viewers as they walk through the Lobby, and looking different from various exits and entrances to the space. The centers of each wheel are made with a hollow tube, implying water flowing through and between. The white translucent fabric make this a dynamic piece, picking up the ambient shifting light of the day, internal lights of the building at night, and subtle shifts in color as the seasons change.

The piece was conceived and created by renown artist Susan Zoccola of Seattle. She has created art in a variety of  public places in Washington including the Seattle Center, Seattle Aquarium, Lynwood Recreation CenterSeattle Tacoma International Airport and  City of Kenmore City Hall. This is her first commission in Eastern Washington.

John Cooper with artist Susan Zoccola

“This adds a new piece of public art to Downtown Yakima while celebrating our heritage,” stated John Cooper, President and CEO of the Yakima Valley Visitors and Convention Center. “It’s our hope that more public art will follow, not only in the convention center, but other places throughout the Valley.”


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