Wanted: Yakima Valley Dogs

Dexter looks out on the Cowiche Canyon Trail near Yakima

In March, the Yakima Valley Visitors & Convention Bureau launched a website for visitors traveling with their dogs. Winedoggies.com features the many dog friendly attractions and services available in the Yakima Valley.  Highlights include a ‘doggie bloggie’ hosted by a local canine, an interactive map of dog-friendly businesses with pet policies, plus a section where guests can add pictures and stories of their dogs enjoying Washington wine country.

The Bureau is looking for submissions about local dogs and their favorite places to play in the Yakima Valley.  “This website was developed for visitors to the Valley traveling with their dogs,” stated John Cooper, President & CEO of the Yakima Valley Visitors & Convention Bureau. “What better way to show all the great places to take your dog than to feature local dogs and their owners having fun?” Of course non-Yakima Valley dogs having fun while visiting the Valley are also welcome to submit a write up!

Submissions should be sent via e-mail to Kirsten@visityakima.com. They should provide a brief background about the dog(s) and include places the dog likes to visit in the Yakima Valley. A high resolution image of the dog(s) should also be attached. As an incentive, one entrant will be randomly chosen to receive a Yakima Valley Gift Basket on August 24th. Examples of dog stories can be found at the Your Doggie Stories tab.


One thought on “Wanted: Yakima Valley Dogs

  1. People love their pets and treat them as an integral part of their family. Many people and pets experience separation anxiety when they are apart. Visitor attractions that are pet friendly will help keep the “family” together.


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